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Fraser Thomas is a multi-disciplinary client focused consulting firm, with wide ranging experience and expertise in the management, engineering and surveying industry.  We have an established and renowned reputation for innovation, reliability and customer service.


With highly skilled and dedicated teams in the fields of Civil, Geotechnical, Structural and Environmental Engineering, Survey and Land Development, we are able to service a broad range of projects.  Our ability to incorporate such an array of engineering and surveying disciplines into each project allows our clients to receive a full service all under one roof. 


The company is also in a privileged position to have contacts with a significant number of national and international consultants which enables us to draw on those resources to complete projects anywhere in the world.


Fields of specialisation:

  • Resource Management

  • Land surveying

  • Residential and Industrial land development

  • Unit title and cross-lease developments

  • Geotechnical site evaluation

  • Foundation investigation and design

  • Structural design

  • Forensic engineering

  • Expert evidence

  • Water treatment and reticulation

  • Sanitary sewage reticulation and treatment

  • Landfill design and implementation


  • Septic tank system design, consent and upgrade

  • Environmental impact reporting

  • Site contamination and remediation

  • Roading design

  • Stormwater design

  • Contract administration and project management

  • Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEE)

  • Resource Consent documentation preparation

  • Industrial and trade processes waste management



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World's Longest Ice Cream Sundae Record Broken



Countryside Living

Development of a concept plan to support rezoning of rural land






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